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WooCommerce Variation with Downloadable File types – 2020 update thanks

Just wrapped up a product setup of a WooCommerce product with 2 variations (epub and mobi) for ibook and kindle readers. This is to sell a book. I found and benefited from some quick research to get...

Can you spot the phishing tip offs?

Can you spot the tip offs that this email is a phishing email pretending to be an account deactivation from Apple?

how to cancel media temple hosting (1)

How to Cancel Media Temple Hosting Plan

Can’t find that quick spot in Media Temple to close a service, cancel hosting or your account? here’s the easy link.


Quick items we are working & researching

Google Calendar and Zoho CRM calendar synchronization guide

Synchronizing calendar entries of Google Calendar and that of the Zoho CRM Calendar is now made easy with the Google Calendar Synchronization feature. You can update the calendar entries in either Google Calendar or Zoho CRM and have them updated in both. If you...

How to Activate Jetpack Premium Free in my.pressable.com

How to Activate Jetpack Premium Free in my.pressable.com

Need to Activate Jetpack Premium (for free) with your Pressable hosting plan? There’s a specific order to this process, 10 steps actually. I walk through it in a video example. Thanks to Jess and the team at Pressable, (I made 3-4 attempts for each of about 17 accounts last year. This method worked the first time!)

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Quick items we are working & researching

WordPress Search Engine Visibility in MySQL PHPMyAdmin

How do I turn Search Engine Visibility on in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin? I've been working with WordPress for 13 years. I hadn't needed to do this until today. It's easy if you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. If not, maybe get help from someone that is. Steps Make...

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