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12 Steps to Moving Old Blog Posts, when, where and how. Image shows a person moving a chess piece on a chess board.

12 Steps to Moving Old Blog Posts: When Where & How

Need to get rid of some old content on a website, but can’t quite find the time or the emotional ability to let go of all that old content? Here are some steps to move the content, declutter and optimize your current site using WordPress.com as a place to receive that old content. Plus the steps necessary to prevent an SEO crisis afterwards.

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Three Easy to Edit Image Hover Effects Free Divi Layout from Divi Soup

This free Divi layout uses the native Divi image and text modules with absolute positioning to show or hide text or swap the image for another on hover. View the demo and download this free
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6 MicroInteractions to help Divi Theme websites in WordPress deliver results

Microinteractions are a great way to enhance user experience as they interact with your site. Slight animations of icons, buttons, or images can cue the user to take action in a fun and purposeful...


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Vision Board Post – Divi Template

Today as I read a blog article by a client and friend, I was inspired to draft this initial Divi Layout Template. I'm calling it a Vision Board template. The idea is to recreate the concept of a specific type of vision board.  (There's a video at the...

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Quick items we are working & researching

WordPress Search Engine Visibility in MySQL PHPMyAdmin

How do I turn Search Engine Visibility on in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin? I've been working with WordPress for 13 years. I hadn't needed to do this until today. It's easy if you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. If not, maybe get help from someone that is. Steps Make...

Mechanism for selling Spotify Playlists or lists of Spotify tracks

Say you have created the best party playlist ever, and you want to sell it. How do you do that? In theory the process would be... Create a file of your Spotify tracks/playlists that can be sold and bought Just export your Playlist and then sell the export file and the...

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