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Turn Facebook Sale Format on or off

A close friend of mine turned one of their Facebook posts into a for sale item. It might or might not have been on purpose… Or at least the end result was sort of intended but not really in the way...

Transferring a domain from Godaddy to Cloudflare – Authorization Code Fail

So you tried to move a domain name from Godaddy as the Registrar to Cloudflare to save at least $10 and maybe hundreds of dollars, but the Transfer Authorization Code Godaddy gave you doesn’t work,...

Problems and Confusion with Divi Library Layouts vs Sections vs Rows vs Modules

The Divi Library can be super helpful if we want to re-use a page/post template ('layout' in Divi terminology) over and over. This system has confused me in years past and can still be slightly...


Quick items we are working & researching

Google Calendar and Zoho CRM calendar synchronization guide

Synchronizing calendar entries of Google Calendar and that of the Zoho CRM Calendar is now made easy with the Google Calendar Synchronization feature. You can update the calendar entries in either Google Calendar or Zoho CRM and have them updated in both. If you...


Quick items we are working & researching

WordPress Search Engine Visibility in MySQL PHPMyAdmin

How do I turn Search Engine Visibility on in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin? I've been working with WordPress for 13 years. I hadn't needed to do this until today. It's easy if you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. If not, maybe get help from someone that is. Steps Make...

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