How do I turn Search Engine Visibility on in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin?

I’ve been working with WordPress for 13 years. I hadn’t needed to do this until today. It’s easy if you are comfortable with PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. If not, maybe get help from someone that is.


  1. Make a backup first, especially if you do anything in MYSQL.
  2. Login to PHPMyAdmin (out of scope for this quick aside)
  3. Go to the WP Options table
    1. wp options table.
  4. Go to the ‘blog_public’ field and
    1. how to update search engine visibility in PHPMyadmin
  5. Set the value from 0 (that’s a zero) to 1
  6. hit Go to save your work and update the table


When might I need this method?

I ran into it today. I was migrating a site from pointing from an old server (run by a different agency) to my clients new server on Pressable.

We were not using Cloudflare to protect the domain yet. (not in client’s budget/time frame yet)

This is atypical for me, and meant we were relying on Godaddy (domain registrar in this case) to propagate the IP address changes.  (That can take from 1 hour to 72 hours or 3 days, which is why I normally use Cloudflare!)

It was propagating fast for Godaddy but not everywhere and I couldn’t turn the search engine indexing settings on from within WordPress itself.

So in the back end, I went into Pressable, then PHPMyAdmin and made the changes there.

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