Some of Our
WordPress Services

Website Analysis

Need to figure out where you are with your WordPress website?
We’ll perform assessments that can include a cost review, speed review, SEO review and analytics review.
It always helps to make the next website decision with solid facts.

WordPress Migrations

We migrate websites to WordPress. If you have a site running on a custom built solution or maybe some out dated builder, we can help you move to the most popular content management system on Earth -> WordPress.
Migrations are not always simple. We have the experience to know where to look to insure nothing is left behind.

WordPress Builds

We’ve been building WordPress websites since 2008. We work with 30-60 sites per year of various sizes and levels of complexity.
We also build existing sites out with new additional functionality.
Ready to add a membership system or ecommerce?

Are you ready to get help on your WordPress project?

About Us

Automate & Simplify The Whole Process

WP Theme Speed is a WordPress Consulting & Development company. We migrate sites to WordPress, integrate systems into and out of WordPress. We help clients leverage their website to do more for them. WP Theme Speed is a US Veteran owned company engaging in business around the United States and the world. 

We also help people choose fast hosting companies making life & business easier.

Managed WordPress Hosts that we cover

Our Top 2 Picks for WordPress Hosting


WPEngine is often our first recommendation for great Managed WordPress Hosting.

As WordPress developers, we love WPEngine for their terrific development environment and multiple staging site options. It saves a lot of time building a site here.

Learn why we hold them in such high esteem and why they serve our customers so well!


Pressable is our second choice for clients with a single website and often our first choice for clients with 2-3 websites. They have been a value play in our reviews for years.

However, they have made dramatic speed improvements in 2018 and continue to be a friendly competitor with other great managed WordPress Hosting companies. Learn more about how we help clients get setup on Pressable!

We have accounts with both ourselves. 

*WPThemeSpeed is hosted on WPEngine.

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