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We help people choose fast themes and fast hosting companies.

Managed WordPress Hosts that we cover

Our Top 2 Picks for WordPress Hosting


WPEngine is often our first recommendation for great Managed WordPress Hosting.

As WordPress developers, we love WPEngine for their terrific development environment and multiple staging site options. It saves a lot of time building a site here.

Learn why we hold them in such high esteem and why they serve our customers so well!


Pressable is our second choice for clients with a single website and often our first choice for clients with 2-3 websites. They have been a value play in our reviews for years.

However, they have made dramatic speed improvements in 2018 and continue to be a friendly competitor with other great managed WordPress Hosting companies. Learn more about how we help clients get setup on Pressable!

We have accounts with both ourselves. 

*WPThemeSpeed is hosted on WPEngine.

Other Great Manage WordPress Hosts

Green Geeks

We have less direct experience with Green Geeks. We’ve worked on client sites running on Green Geeks hosting. Our experience working in their systems have all been positive. Learn more about how they stack  up!

Lightning Base

Lightning Base is one of those best kept secrets of a fast WordPress Hosting company. In our experiences, speed is their primary focus. They keep improving and our early experiences were that they provide a lot of speed for the price.

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