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Zoho Meetings Microphone Options on a Mac

Kept having problems with Zoho Meetings not pushing audio from my better microphone to the actual system. I could 'select' the Microphone in Zoho Meetings Settings, but still no sound.  I'm on a...
Navigating and using the Pixabay WordPress plugin

Simple Sweet free stock image plugins for wordpress

Quick guide on a great little free stock photo plugin for wordpress that connects to Pixabay. (Plus a second plugin for Pexels. The second plugin is still coming along maybe not yet as reliable.)

mailchimp to wordpress

2 Directions to Automate MailChimp and WordPress

There are 2 directions in which MailChimp and WordPress can work together.  A WordPress blog post can trigger a MailChimp email newsletter to be sent out of MailChimp. This is probably the oldest...


Quick items we are working & researching


Quick items we are working & researching

Mechanism for selling Spotify Playlists or lists of Spotify tracks

Say you have created the best party playlist ever, and you want to sell it. How do you do that? In theory the process would be... Create a file of your Spotify tracks/playlists that can be sold and bought Just export your Playlist and then sell the export file and the...

Updated Roadmap for WordPress in 2019| WordPress.org

Joost De Valk, the founder of Yoast aka the WordPress SEO plugin and NEW head of Marketing for WordPress' Automatic, has updated the 2019 Roadmap for WordPress. Now that Gutenberg, the codename for WordPress update 5.x, has successfully launched, phase 2 of the Block...

Testing a Gravity Form to Conversational app converter

Having a little fun testing out a tool (Free on repository and Pro versions) that converts Gravity Forms forms into a conversation experience, sort of like AI but more of a chat bot. The key here is converting complex gravity forms into a better experience to increase...

Apple Touch Icon 404 errors

I run the Redirection Plugin on some sites. It logs 404 errors which is handy to clean up loose ends. The Apple Touch Icon 404 errors get annoying. Handing reminder of the solution here on Stackexchange. 2 solutions - Define the icon in the head file or upload 100x100...

Default Featured Image Plugin to transform site without

Found a handy, simple plugin for setting Default Featured Images on a Wordpress site. Client had 370+ posts (podcast episodes) without featured images. Going back and adding them one at a time for the old articles wasn't in the cards for now. However we needed some...

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