What you can expect when working with us aka TOS

Great Policies Make Great Relationships Possible!

Hours of Availability

We are available between 8am and 5PM Pacific Standard Time. During this time we will work to be available for meetings and will work to reply to emails, phone calls, text messages, skype calls, project management system communications and more.  We do work outside of these hours, but do not commit to communicating outside of these hours.  Special exceptions can be made (jump down to Rush Fees/Emergency Services/After Hours & Holiday Availability)

When Do the $$$ Flow to Us? (So we can do the worky stuff for you!)

We love to make good things happen for you. We are passionate but not independently wealthy. So we do this for money.

Just being open & honest I have one kid starting college, another halfway through braces and needing college in 3 years and a third getting ready to start braces! Plus, I have a wonderful (but high maintenance) Subaru with 155k miles…

4 ways to get us working for you and when we get paid

1. Checkout…

with one of the quick services we provide on our website. You pay & give us all the account access and digital materials we need to do the job, THEN we get working!

2. Prepayment from Price Guaranteed Invoices…

Some project work we provide starts with an estimate of specifically detailed items for us to do. Once you agree that we have everything covered in the estimate, you accept the estimate online. Then we send you an invoice for the exact amount from the estimate. The price of the invoice will not increase and we will not do any work that is out of scope of that invoice AFTER You pay & give us all the account access and digital materials we need to do the job, THEN we get working! 🙂

3. Retainer Work…

If we are working on an hourly basis and you provide prepayment for the hours to be worked, we begin working AFTER you give us all the account access and digital materials we need to do the job, THEN we get working!

4. Hourly Pay as we go…

For client’s whom we have an established working relationship, sometimes its easiest to simply start doing hourly work and we do what you ask us to do or provide guidance as to how to do it better or guidance as to why that might drive us all off of a cliff (DEATH BY GPS NOT DESIRABLE!). This work will be paid for upon receipt of the invoice for the work. We’ll send the invoice on the last day of the month, or when the work is finished, or when the budgeted hours has been reached, whichever comes first!  OH! and we won’t start working until AFTER you give us all the account access and digital materials we need to do the job, THEN we get working!

Iteratively Speaking

Extra iterations are not included. Neither are batteries. If more iterations are needed or desired, they need to be ordered or added to the project.  Some clients need to see the marble evolve from a square block into a shape before deciding how to shape it more and more and perfect it into a statue… Other’s know exactly and precisely how it should be done and can communicate that with a level of precision that would even surprise Morgan Freeman playing a movie god.

When does the worky stuff Start?

The worky stuff starts AFTER…
1) We receive the electronic confirmation to start work AND
2) we receive payment (or make arrangements per above) AND
3) you give us all the account access and digital materials we need to do the job, THEN we get working!
Some clients occasionally like to mail us paper checks. We like checks (that clear) and will be happy to start working once a client’s check has been received, sent to our bank for deposit AND cleared our bank.  We prefer to start working faster rather than slower, but if checks are your thing and an extra 4-14 days of wait time is no big deal for your project deadline, we can be patient and happy to do great things for you!

Prioritizing Client Projects

We prioritize all client projects based on payment. Its a first in first worked on prioritization.  We offer a number of ways to engage with us, although not all options are available to all clients or projects.
Some of our services are designed such that we can complete them very quickly. Quick payment for quick work, although the speed with which they are done does not necessarily mean it was easy or took little effort. Some things we have honed and refined after 10 years of experience with this system.
There are some things that we can multitask and tasks we can spread among our team members. We do what we can when we can but prioritize all based on when we were paid to do it!  Speed and emergency scenario options are available, but that does not mean we will bump another client’s work and priority down. We cannot be paid to bump someone else down. Once we commit we commit!

Coaching Package Duration

We offer coaching packages. 3-4 sessions per package. These could be used all within 1 week or within a month or spread out over two months.  However, they must be used within 60 Days of their purchase.
After that, they are like cell phone minutes, gotta use it or lose it!

Refund Policy

We do not provide refunds for WordPress Service and Support Plans.
For everything else….
We expect to be paid quickly and we expect to provide your services quickly as well. Once the work is done the funds have been consumed and we don’t provide refunds. In rare occasions, a client might provide payment and expect to provide us the account access or digital materials we need to actually begin. If we don’t receive those critical items, we can NOT do the worky stuff!  🙁
We will provide a full refund in these situations within the first 60 days if requested.  However, we have to budget time for you and not do worky stuff for other people when we agree to do that work. If by day 60 we still haven’t received the materials we need nor a refund request, we will deduct a 25% fee from your payment.
More funds will be needed to make up these fees for scheduling our time for you and not fully utilizing it!
We’ll be happy to do the work when the materials come in or the access is provided, but we can’t keep our schedule open forever. If by day 90 we still do not have the key ingredients, we’ll deducted another 5% (for a total now of 30%) and then by day 120 another 10% (for a cumulative total of 40%)….. Maybe you see where this is going?
We are really serious about getting the stuff to do the job on time!!!
If by day 150 we still do not have it another 10% will be charged for a total of 50% and we’ll then wait until day 180 when we’ll keep another 10% for a total of 50% and at this point, you’ll have 30 days to get us the material or we’ll keep the last 50% as of day 210.  This would be totally sucky, but keep in mind, we’ve been holding open space to do your work for over 6 months!!!!  The big price is at the end, but please, please, please get us the information right away!  🙂
We will make every effort possible to insure that you provide us the information we need early, preferably before we ever get paid a penny!

Rush Fees/Emergency Services/After Hours & Holiday Availability

Got an emergency, in a huge flippin’ rush to change the world? We’d love to help. We might even drop everything and go into extra innings and work after hours, around the clock, all weekend or even on major holidays!!!  But there is a price for this super heroic extra effort and that price will be something that we workout on a case-by-case basis.  🙂 Let us know what you need and when you need it and we’ll help you figure out what we can do.  The internet works 24/7/365(6) and we can almost match it for short periods of time and for the right incentive.  $$$

Communication Response

We are typically going to try to reply to your communications within 1 business day if they come via email or phone. If they come through some other online tool or social media, we’ll shoot for that as well, but we need to know what to look out for in advance.  If we are not yet engage to do the worky stuff for $$$ with you as a client yet, we’ll answer some presales questions to a limit, but there does become a point where presales questions turn into consulting or building your RFP or your scope or helping you shop for a competitor or something.  We are here to help and where needed to educate our clients so that they can make a better decision and be more successful. We do this as best we can keeping a balance between the quick questions to get started vs balancing worky stuff with $$$.  If you have a whole lot of questions, odds are you might need to hire/order some consulting or training.  That includes if you have preordered something from our site or if you have prepaid for a specific project and now have thought of other stuff or new questions.  🙂 We’ll be happy to work through stuff with you, but tangents and things that are out of scope will be treated as ADDITIONAL worky stuff.

In Person Meeting

If you would like to meet with us in person, then we need to book you a consulting meeting.  This will be done at our normal hourly rate plus travel expenses, and we can help you checkout online.

If we need to travel long, long distances, that travel might not be a small amount of money. We don’t need to stay at the fanciest hotels, but we better have great internet connections and White Roses, while we are there!
And we better not get our equipment stolen in the hotel!  
Sure we have insurance and backups, but we’re just trying to stay, that skid row is out.

We’d love to have your business….If you just want to talk with us to see if we might be the right people for the job, and a phone call or video call won’t work, then we are not the right people for the job.  🙂

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