There are 2 directions in which MailChimp and WordPress can work together.  A WordPress blog post can trigger a MailChimp email newsletter to be sent out of MailChimp. This is probably the oldest and most common. It involves creating a Campaign in MailChimp from the WordPress Feed. The other involves using Zapier to take an email newsletter created and sent via MailChimp and automatically (via Zapier) create a new Blog Post in WordPress afterwards.

Option 1 – Sending MailChimp newsletters -> to WordPress

mailchimp to wordpress
Goal – We want people to sign up on your list, join the newsletter.
Given – All those newsletters require effort, they are full of great content too.
Given – Content can be repurposed and used in new ways
There’s a service called Zapier ( ) that allows for the creation of an automation connection from MailChimp -> WordPress. This would probably require a free account setup with Zapier. 
How it Works
Everytime one of your newsletters is sent out, it triggers the creation of a Blog Post in WordPress.
Details – A category might be needed, choosing between scheduling them to post on wordpress later or even saving them in draft (not visible to the world) could be additional options.

Option 2 – Writing a Blog Post on WordPress that Triggers the creation/sending -> of a MailChimp Newsletter

Goal – Only want to write it once in one place and don’t care if people read it on the website or in the newsletter as long as they read it and its available everywhere.
This is the more traditional option for most ‘bloggers’.
Pros – One of the bigger pros is that people would/could also receive a newsletter everytime a podcast is published. (not something requested so this probably isn’t the option for QFY at this time)
Cons – Since the content is published on the Blog first, then on the newsletter, there is no real benefit to being a newsletter subscriber.
Given – Some people do not like to visit websites or blogs. They like to read email (a breed of people that is fading away maybe).  So they prefer their content sent to their inbox. This is for them.

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