Excerpts from the Google Analytics Account Structure

The Google Analytics Account determines how data is collected from your websites and manages who can access that data. Typically, you would create separate Analytics accounts for distinct businesses or business units.

Each Google Analytics account has at least one “property.” Each property can collect data independently of each other using a unique tracking ID that appears in your tracking code.

You may assign multiple properties to each account, so you can collect data from different websites, mobile applications, or other digital assets associated with your business. For example, you may want to have separate properties for different sales regions or different brands. This allows you to easily view the data for an individual part of your business, but keep in mind this won’t allow you to see data from separate properties in aggregate.

User Permissions

You can assign permissions to other users at the account, property, or view level. Each level inherits permissions from the level above it.

For example, if you have access to an account, then you have the same access permissions to the properties and views underneath that account. But if you only have access permissions for a view, then you won’t have permission to modify the property or account associated with that view.

By clicking “Admin”, Google Analytics lets you set user permissions for: “Manage Users,” “Edit,” “Collaborate,” or “Read and Analyze.”

  • “Manage Users” lets users add or remove user access to the account, property, or view.
  • “Edit” lets users make changes to the configuration settings.
  • “Collaborate” allows users to share things like dashboards or certain measurement settings.
  • And finally, “Read and Analyze” lets users view data, analyze reports, and create dashboards, but restricts them from making changes to the settings or adding new users.

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