If you have ever owned a domain registration, then you probably have received a scammy email or even postal mail request to renew your domain name. Usually these are at much higher rates than what you actually paid and they are never from a reputable source.

I’m sharing this example today from an email address (probably not real maybe even spoofed) from vtimablebeach.top. Right away the .top domain name is suspect and the nonsense of the rest of the name is also another tip off.


Plus, since I’ve never done business with this company, never given them an email despite their canned Spam act statement at the bottom (they are breaking the law) and the domain renewal rate of $86.00 for something that shouldn’t be more than about $10-11.  All this indicates this is a scam.

Sharing this example, just as a reminder. I receive a half dozen emails from clients every year wondering who in the world is trying to charge them money and if its real and more.

Last year a person that later became a client, even received a telemarketing call from an actual company famous for sponsoring NASCAR drivers and that company duped them into spending an extra $1k!

They thought they were just getting more security.

If you are not sure, feel free to ask! Double check because these types of emails or phone calls or letters in the mail are designed to trick people. They are not designed to trick all the people all of the time, just a fraction and that’s enough to keep them trying.

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