Default Featured Image Plugin to transform site without

Found a handy, simple plugin for setting Default Featured Images on a WordPress site. Client had 370+ posts (podcast episodes) without featured images. Going back and adding them one at a time for the old articles wasn’t in the cards for now.

However we needed some benefits:

  • A basic image that explained what the site/podcast was when people shared links on social media. An image in the featured image area can do that.
  • Related Content posts (powered by jetpack) looked better with thumbnails making the site more slightly more engaging (lots of other things to do, but this was a piece to the puzzle)

Going forward our client will start adding featured images, many from Pexels some maybe from her own photography, but if she misses a post or two, its covered and all good!

Bonus round, rapidly added this to another client site as well. In this case, its a Doctor’s office and as people share some of the articles there, a featured image of the health care providers (main selling point for this business) will help increase trust right away!

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