Say you have created the best party playlist ever, and you want to sell it.

How do you do that?

In theory the process would be… Create a file of your Spotify tracks/playlists that can be sold and bought

Just export your Playlist and then sell the export file and the person that buys it will import that file into their Spotify account!

What’s the catch?


Spotify doesn’t support that.


But it is possible to do, and easy.


Step 1 – Export the Playlist and all tracks to a csv (spreadsheet) file


The easy way is to pay for a service called Soundiiz .  


A different way would involve using Zapier to create a Zap (an automation) that copies each track to a Google Sheet when a playlist is changed. (Doesn’t help with existing playlist tracks, ergo you’d have to use this from the very beginning.


Know of even more ways? Let us know


Step 2 – Import a Playlist into Spotify or some other service


Again the easy way is to use They even let you import/export between multiple services Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play, Pandora, the list is too long to add here.


A more difficult way (if you do not want to pay for Soundiiz) is reported here. It involves using a Spotify when its an program running on your Mac or PC (sorry tablet/smart phone users).

Warning – This is not the same thing as selling a ‘placement’ in a Spotify playlist.  Spotify forbids people from being paid to add a music track to a popular playlist. They do not want record industry execs or someone trying to recreate the type of payola that is used on the radio.

The process above is about sharing a great list and charging for the curation work performed. It has nothing to do with product placement.

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