Get a bill from Domain Networks and wondering if its a scam?  Did you notice they referred to your website or domain name with the listing in Google My Business as opposed to whatever is on your website?

I did and my first impression was that this was just another domain registrar scam where they attempt to charge you $289 to renew your domain and transfer it away from your legitimate registrar…. I thought this for several days as the letter I received in the mail sat on my desk.

Then I sat down to type of this warning and realized they were actually doing LESS than a domain registrar scammer.  This had nothing to do with a domain registrar BS thing, they were simply designing their paperwork to look like one.

Why would anyone try to mimic a domain scammers letter?

Probably because those scammers do fool some people some of the time.

In this case they are slightly better/nicer but I still would not recommend it. (Why for later)

All this does is list your website in a business directory.  Think of it like a Yellow Pages website that no one will likely ever see.

Sounds useless, right?

Thats because it is.

Why I would not recommend this, beyond the obvious reason that no one is likely to ever see your business directory listing and that makes it useless marketing money….

  • They are copying the marketing practices of some of the oldest known internet scammers techniques (domain registrar scammers)
  • They use similar price points.
  • They send something that looks exactly like a bill, a domain renewal bill, a fake domain renewal bill, even though they say ‘THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION’
  • In my case, they sent me two letters for two different domains. One domain is no longer active and long long ago was generically listed in Google My Business.
  • The second domain is actively listed in Google My Business with a description that makes it unique. That specific description is not quite the same as whats on the actual website.
    • So when they sent a bill with the unique label, I knew they got it off of Google My Business, and since this company is not google, that’s a step into the gorilla marketing level of things
    • Combine the source of my website name with the pseudo bill or invoice and the fake transfer price point of $289 and they even pulled up my DNS Name servers to add to things, which is NEVER something needed to list in a business directory and ONLY something needed for a transfer…

Image of 2 domain networks letters that look just like bills from fake domain transfer scammers but this is an offer for a directory listing, even less useful. Also includes a middle finger and an emoji with eyes looking up like wtf

So bottom line, don’t waste any money on Domain Networks. Run run away from them in fact.

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