Does Godaddy offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

Yes! (This is new as of the Fall of 2014) Godaddy just silently or quietly (no announcements that we could find) turned on a one click staging tool for its Managed WordPress Hosting service.  It quickly and easily creates a full copy of your live/productions website on a new temporary url that godaddy provides.  It […]

Does Lightning Base offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

No.  At least not anywhere that we could see.  They offer essentially a cPanel environment, so expect to do your typical ftp/file manager and phpMyAdmin work setting up typical test accounts.  We believe that sub domains powered by WordPress would count toward the total number of sites.  So a Small account or higher would be […]

Does Pressable offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

No. (In our opinion) Pressable claims to offer 1 Click Staging and they sort of do, but we keep a slightly higher standard regarding the definition of ‘1 Click Staging’. They do have 1 click cloning of a site.   A cloned site does count towards your total allowed sites.  And creating a quick copy of […]

Does WP Engine offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

Yes. WP Engine offers one of the easiest to use 1 Click Staging tools we have seen so far. The Staging site that is created is virtually a copy and a working copy at that of your entire site, running on a different sub domain url.  You won’t have to edit anything in mysql, nor […]

Does Siteground offer 1 click Staging?

Yes. Siteground offers 1 Click Staging on their highest level plan, the Geeky plan for $14.95.  This also comes with GIT preinstalled.

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