Does WP Engine offer ‘1 Click Staging’?


WP Engine offers one of the easiest to use 1 Click Staging tools we have seen so far.

The Staging site that is created is virtually a copy and a working copy at that of your entire site, running on a different sub domain url.  You won’t have to edit anything in mysql, nor will you have to play with the hosts file, setup a domain yourself or anything else.

When you are done testing something out on Staging, if you like you can push those changes into your live site.  There are several options available that enable you to only update files, such as theme or plugin files that have changed or been added, or only update database tables or both.

There are a few limitations.

The copy of the live site into the staging site usually only includes the most recent 12 months worth of images from the media library, aka /uploads/ folder in WordPress.  If you want more images in your staging site, you will need to transfer these via SFTP.

Plus, to our knowledge WP Engine does not offer the equivalent of a ‘File Manager’ as might be found on other hosts that use cPanel.  This means that you cannot easily copy files on the server from one site (live site) to another (staging site).  You will have to download and re upload.

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