Does Pressable offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

No. (In our opinion)

Pressable claims to offer 1 Click Staging and they sort of do, but we keep a slightly higher standard regarding the definition of ‘1 Click Staging’.

And you have to have enough unused ‘Sites’ on your plan to clone to. So for example, a starter plan covers up to 5 Sites.  So if you have 4 active websites running on the plan, that would leave a single site available to develop on. When developed it only requires a few steps to swap out a live domain from an old Pressable ‘site’ to the new one.

They also have the ability to put sites into Production or Staging settings, which simply makes it available (or not) to the rest of the world.

They do have 1 click cloning of a site.  

A cloned site does count towards your total allowed sites.  And creating a quick copy of your site is a type of staging, or maybe creating a test site.

1 Click Staging when you edit an existing site on Pressable and Push it Live – No.

But when the testing is done and it comes to take that ‘staged’ site and push it live… Pressable does not seem to offer a 1 click option to achieve this goal.

1 Click Staging when you first turn a site on at Pressable – Yes.

It is a little different when you are taking a site live for the very first time.  Then your site is in test mode, and eventually goes live with a single click.  In short, they offer some very good things, but there’s just a little something missing for true staging.

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