Does Pressable offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

No. (In our opinion)

Pressable claims to offer 1 Click Staging and they sort of do, but we keep a slightly higher standard regarding the definition of ‘1 Click Staging’.

They do have 1 click cloning of a site.  

A cloned site does count towards your total allowed sites.  And creating a quick copy of your site is a type of staging, or maybe creating a test site.

1 Click Staging when you edit an existing site on Pressable and Push it Live – No.

But when the testing is done and it comes to take that ‘staged’ site and push it live… Pressable does not seem to offer a 1 click option to achieve this goal.

1 Click Staging when you first turn a site on at Pressable – Yes.

It is a little different when you are taking a site live for the very first time.  Then your site is in test mode, and eventually goes live with a single click.  In short, they offer some very good things, but there’s just a little something missing for true staging.

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