Does Lightning Base offer a free migration service?

Yes. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with their service, they will give you a refund on your first month of hosting.

Does Lightning Base offer email with their hosting plans?

No. At least we do not think so, although there is a mysterious ‘Login to Webmail’ button with the Services section after you login.  It doesn’t seem to work on our account, and we could not find any mention of email services for sale on the Lightning Base site. So like many others, you will […]

Does Lightning Base offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

No.  At least not anywhere that we could see.  They offer essentially a cPanel environment, so expect to do your typical ftp/file manager and phpMyAdmin work setting up typical test accounts.  We believe that sub domains powered by WordPress would count toward the total number of sites.  So a Small account or higher would be […]

How many domains does Lightning Base allow on managed WordPress hosting plans?

It depends on the plan and Lightning Base has more than a three! Personal plan allows up to 1 site for $9.95 a month  with a maximum of 10,000 pageviews. Small plan allows up to 3 sites for $19.95 a month with a maximum of 25,000 pageviews. Medium level plan  allows up to 10 sites for $49.95 a month with […]

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