Does WP Engine offer email with their hosting plans?

Nope! You will probably need to source a separate email plan, maybe something like Google Business Apps or Microsoft Office 365 email. We use Google Business Apps ourselves. Google Business Apps starts at $5 per user per month and Microsoft Office 365 starts at $3.99.  Both include other tools and storage in addition to email […]

How many domains does WP Engine Allow on managed WordPress hosting plans?

The number of domains depends on the plan, sort of.  Specifically WP Engine counts things based on the number of WordPress installs. Ancient WordPress History – Usually one WordPress install is done for one domain.  But occassionally, especially in the old days of WordPress, it was not uncommon for a domain to have multiple WordPress installs […]

Does WP Engine offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

Yes. WP Engine offers one of the easiest to use 1 Click Staging tools we have seen so far. The Staging site that is created is virtually a copy and a working copy at that of your entire site, running on a different sub domain url.  You won’t have to edit anything in mysql, nor […]

Does WP Engine offer any discount codes or Coupon codes or discounts in general?

Yes. Sometimes. In general, WP Engine often offers a discount that provides 2-3 free months of hosting if hosting is paid at least 1 year in advance. Right now WP Engine is offering a 3 month discount if you use the following code when you sign up for an annual plan: OctoberPress14 There are some […]

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