Does Godaddy offer a free migration service?

Yes. It works well, very well too.  It is fast and mostly automated.  Important Details… Your old host must offer ftp access to your files.  If they offer SFTP then the Godaddy tool will not currently work.  You can try it, a help support rep might even suggest you try it, but it will not […]

Does Lightning Base offer a free migration service?

Yes. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with their service, they will give you a refund on your first month of hosting.

Does Pressable offer a free migration service?

No. Pressable does not offer a free migration. They do include a tab within the account management area once you have an account, that allows you to complete several forms asking for information to your existing websites WordPress and FTP access. However Pressable charges $250 to perform the migration. According to past conversations, they utilize […]

Does Siteground offer a free migration service?

Yes. Siteground managed WordPress hosting plan includes a free migration service performed by Siteground personnel, as opposed to an automated tool offered by one of their competitors.  The service is free for paid accounts.  It is not included with accounts running on a free trial.

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