How many domains does Godaddy allow on managed WordPress hosting plans?

Their starter plan allows 1 domain for $1/ month for 25,000 monthly visitors. Their Business plan allows 5 sites at $9.99 / month, 250,000 monthly visitors. Their Pro plan allows 25 sites at $29.99 per month for millions of monthly visitors. All of those prices are after Godaddy’s current discounts.  Their normal prices (and the […]

Does Godaddy offer ‘1 Click Staging’?

Yes! (This is new as of the Fall of 2014) Godaddy just silently or quietly (no announcements that we could find) turned on a one click staging tool for its Managed WordPress Hosting service.  It quickly and easily creates a full copy of your live/productions website on a new temporary url that godaddy provides.  It […]

Does Godaddy offer email with their hosting plans?

Email does not come free with their Manasged WordPress Hosting plan, but this is Godaddy so guess what? They do offer an upsell/cross sell/ extra sale of email hosting. So Email is available for a little extra $$$. These days unless you have a grandfathered plan already, Godaddy only offers a Microsoft 365 plan that […]

Does Godaddy offer a free migration service?

Yes. It works well, very well too.  It is fast and mostly automated.  Important Details… Your old host must offer ftp access to your files.  If they offer SFTP then the Godaddy tool will not currently work.  You can try it, a help support rep might even suggest you try it, but it will not […]

Does Lightning Base offer a free migration service?

Yes. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with their service, they will give you a refund on your first month of hosting.

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