Testing a Gravity Form to Conversational app converter

Having a little fun testing out a tool (Free on repository and Pro versions) that converts Gravity Forms forms into a conversation experience, sort of like AI but more of a chat bot. The key here is converting complex gravity forms into a better experience to increase conversions. They have free, pro and developers license, […]

Apple Touch Icon 404 errors

I run the Redirection Plugin on some sites. It logs 404 errors which is handy to clean up loose ends. The Apple Touch Icon 404 errors get annoying. Handing reminder of the solution here on Stackexchange. 2 solutions – Define the icon in the head file or upload 100×100 pixel files for each one.

Default Featured Image Plugin to transform site without

Found a handy, simple plugin for setting Default Featured Images on a WordPress site. Client had 370+ posts (podcast episodes) without featured images. Going back and adding them one at a time for the old articles wasn’t in the cards for now. However we needed some benefits: A basic image that explained what the site/podcast […]

5 methods for Tracking Phone call links

I am a fan of WP Google Analytic Events. I use both the (1) free and the (2) Pro version depending on the client site requirements.  With the right class or id tags set, it’s possible to track Phone call links. Caveat – Some themes create special locations to place a phone number and make […]

Wild Card Redirects for directories

Helpful regex reminder (I always have to re-learn regex, it just doesn’t stick for me.) from Rob Howard on Wild Card Redirects.

Project Management ‘in’ WordPress – @ryancanhelpyou

Just watched a great presentation by Ryan King (@ryancanhelpyou) at WordCamp USA in Nashville in 2018

Clear-Delete old outdated Content in WordPress

No tutorial necessary, just a great reminder at the start of this new year to get rid of that out dated content. Rewrite or improve anything that still has merit or can help. And get those Drafts finished and Published too! I am taking my own advice, just cleared out 581 old articles, and reworking […]

Drafts 5 Dictating via iPhone to WordPress

Downloaded this free app to test out dictation via my iPhone and rapid publishing to WordPress. Drafts 5

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