Answered: Help! What should I do if my host won’t increase php.ini memory limits for WordPress?

by | Mar 23, 2017 | WordPress Tips

Help! What should I do if my host won’t increase php.ini memory limits for WordPress?

This was the gist of a question I fielded today in a Divi group on Facebook. It is not a new question. I have run into this problem myself years ago, circa 2009. As I write this it is 2017, and frankly, WordPress users do not need to put up with this anymore!

Initial Answer to the ridiculously age old memory limits error in WordPress

  • Needing an increase in memory is a warning flag that we need to change hosting companies.
  • Receiving a response that the hosting company is unwilling to increase memory is a big indicator that we should change hosting companies.
  • Being told that a hosting company cannot increase memory limits is the last straw.

It is time to move, and the sooner the better!
The follow up question was one that I see all too often, well then, what about Siteground? I hear good things about them.

The follow up answer to ‘does Siteground sound good?’ question

They will raise the memory levels, they just bump you to a higher plan and charge for it based on what I have witnessed (with clients on Siteground).
I recommend WPEngine or Pressable for Managed Word Press hosting so that you need not be bothered with this hassle ever again.  🌞
Life is too short to mess with PHP memory limits at all!
Two Other Options
I do also recommend a couple other WordPress hosts when WPEngine or Pressable is not the right fit.
Option 1 – WPEngine
Plus, if you want to see how your site will run on WPEngine (before paying anything or signing up for an account even), we have a developer plan there. We can setup a transferrable install on our plan with a copy of your site running on WPEngine. Then you can get a feel for things.
Option 2 – Pressable
For Pressable, if we develop or upgrade your site (hence we gain some deep knowledge about how it runs) your site might qualify for being hosted with us on Pressable servers at $120 per year.  This also requires a maintenance plan with us that includes plugin and theme updates performed by our team. Maintenance plans run $150 per year.  That averages out to about $22.50 per month which is a little less expensive than Pressable’s starter plan, and you are getting our maintenance work thrown in!  There are traffic limits, and we qualify sites for this, but it could be a good fit.

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