Hosting Recommendations for 2017

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The hosts listed below might be a great fit, but without a specific review of a website’s hosting requirements, business requirements, and more, most hosting choices will achieve less than their potential.

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Find the right plan on WPEngine

WP Engine

It’s easy to recommend WPEngine. We’d love to help you migrate with ease and choose the right plan that will fit your requirements, no more and no less!
Find the right plan on Pressable


Love the Pressable team! If you have more than one site, Pressable is the value play in Managed WordPress Hosting.
We also provide close clients hosting on Pressable through us directly. Discover more and maybe even save more, while getting professional WordPress consulting and development work too!

Lightning Base

No frills, just very fast.  Not expensive either. If you don’t need staging and other fancy things, just need speed at a low price, Lightning Base is the place.  Perfect for letting a great site run. (Maybe not the best place if you are going to have lots of development and changes on a regular basis, or have many developers and marketers working on the site at the same time.)
Get an evaluation from us to get even more insights!
Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Godaddy Managed WP Hosting

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting represents a very large company working hard and well to earn back market share. They are adding great tools, better support and deeply incentivized prices. They can be a good fit for a new company on a budget. Get an evaluation to choose the right host or the right plan, price paid is not always the cost incurred!

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