Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting company.

They were also one of the first two managed WordPress Hosting companies as far as we can tell.  We initially met their team at a BlogWorld years ago when they launched in 2010.  Back then they were called The Zippykid.  We still have the t-shirt.  We’ve been using Pressable longer than any other managed WordPress hosting company.  They’ve come a long way and keep improving.

A couple things we love about Pressable…

  1. NEW for 2016! Pressable now offers up to 60k page views. They doubled their pageview for their personal plans. That is more than double what their closest competitor offers at just 25k. And unlike their competitor, Pressable allow you to share those with up to 5 different sites. Sharing isn’t allowed by any of their competitors.
  2. Getting Faster Too – In 2016, Pressable has taken steps to increase their speeds significantly. The gap between the top 2 Managed WordPress Hosting companies is getting much much closer.
  3. They allow up to 5 domains on the entry level plan (sharing).
  4. They know how to fix WordPress problems! When you have a tough core problem, they can usually figure it out.
  5. Pressable’s price points deliver value.
  6. They use Pageviews for their metrics, so you know where you stand with them in terms of account levels.

Among other things we currently have this site,, running on Pressable (although we move it around to share the love).  After having worked with them for about four years, I can say that they listen and adapt to customer feedback.  I would not say they always react quickly as their first priority is keeping their customer sites running well, but when they do make improvements to their own business and site, you can see the improvements coming through from feedback.

TIPS!  (click to expand)

Run your domain name through a free Cloudflare account...
They offer Cloning but we wouldn't consider that 1 Click Staging...

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Pressable faqs


They can be purchased via Pressable for $10 per month per site that has an SSL.


Jennifer has 3 sites on a 1-5 site plan at Pressable.  

2 of Jennifer’s 3 sites requires an SSL ( 2 sites are ecommerce sites and the 3rd site is simply a blog that sells nothing and requires no user sign ups)

Each month Jennifer would pay $25 for the hosting plan (1-5 site level plan) + $10 x 2 for the SSL = $45 / month

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Pressable offers a CDN (Content Delivery Network) on all plans.

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Pressable does not offer a free migration. They do include a tab within the account management area once you have an account, that allows you to complete several forms asking for information to your existing websites WordPress and FTP access. However Pressable charges $250 to perform the migration. According to past conversations, they utilize a third-party service to actually perform the migrations. It is not performed in house.

Pressable does offer a migration guide, and if you’ve had experience migrating WordPress websites in the past, you will not find this very different other than the fact that Pressable does not use cPanel, and therefore a cPanel backup will not be of any use.

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They do offer managed WordPress hosting services.  We have been using their managed WordPress hosting services for many years!

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You will probably need to source a separate email plan, maybe something like Google Business Apps or Microsoft Office 365 email or Rackspace email hosting.  Pressable has some buttons within their account management section that enables a quick setup of these three services.

Pressable quick select email options

We use Google Business Apps ourselves.

Google Business Apps starts at $5 per user per month and Microsoft Office 365 starts at $3.99.  Both include other tools and storage in addition to email hosting.  Rackspace email hosting starts at about $2 per account per month.  They have many other options as well for higher prices.  Note. We have no direct experience using or working with Rackspace Email hosting.

If you have a really old Godaddy account already, you might be grandfathered into their old email hosting options.  These can only be viewed when you are logged in to an existing/old account.  Officially they have discontinued their old email hosting plans which cost significantly less, offered many more email accounts, but didn’t offer the types of document and file sharing capabilities.

Plus we think that the spam fighting tools on the newer services of both Google Business Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are far superior.

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No. (In our opinion)

Pressable claims to offer 1 Click Staging and they sort of do, but we keep a slightly higher standard regarding the definition of ‘1 Click Staging’.

They do have 1 click cloning of a site.  

A cloned site does count towards your total allowed sites.  And creating a quick copy of your site is a type of staging, or maybe creating a test site.

1 Click Staging when you edit an existing site on Pressable and Push it Live – No.

But when the testing is done and it comes to take that ‘staged’ site and push it live… Pressable does not seem to offer a 1 click option to achieve this goal.

1 Click Staging when you first turn a site on at Pressable – Yes.

It is a little different when you are taking a site live for the very first time.  Then your site is in test mode, and eventually goes live with a single click.  In short, they offer some very good things, but there’s just a little something missing for true staging.

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It depends on the plan and Pressable has several.

  1. Their entry-level plan allows up to 5 sites for $25 a month  with a maximum of 15,000 page views.
  2. Their mid-level plan allows up to 10 sites for $45 a month with a maximum of 50,000 page views.
  3. Their upper level plan  allows up to 20 sites for $90 a month with a maximum of 100,000 page views.

But Pressable doesn’t stop there!

They also offer a VIP plan that allows one site and up to 1 million page views for $750 per month.

They offer a Private Cloud plan that offers unlimited websites for $3500 per month on what they call a private cloud.

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If we have missed something important to you, or if some of our information is dated, we would love your feedback on how we might update our information or answer your questions more completely. Please contact us or leave a comment to make this happen!