5 methods for Tracking Phone call links

I am a fan of WP Google Analytic Events. I use both the (1) free and the (2) Pro version depending on the client site requirements.  With the right class or id tags set, it’s possible to track Phone call links.

Caveat – Some themes create special locations to place a phone number and make it clickable. They sometimes strip out the other code however, which can make it difficult to track things. So beware of theme items custom coded in and be prepared to make child theme edits to get past this problem. It will create a similar challenge if you are using (3)Google Tag Manager to track phone calls, and it will prevent the use of (4)Pretty Links Plugin (free or pro too) to put an actual ‘link’ in there that redirects to a phone number.


First time I used WP Google Analytic Events. I had created two restaurant sites for two different Hilton properties. Restaurants sort of got the hand me downs from the hotel they were apart of and so the inhouse Hilton IT didn’t support things. The staff was determined to use an OpenTable widget for their reservations. (I do not recommend this, but they felt it was key to their business at the time.)  So I found a way to make it work…

We needed to track button clicks of the events, and channel that over to a Google Analytics Goal Conversion (average reservation value).

Phone Tracking is Difficult to Track Perfectly without making business trade offs

Phone numbers are tricky, as people often ‘tap’ them, but they can type them in as well. So if it’s a phone number you need to track, you might need to look at a phone service that itself integrates with Google Analytics.

Just finished a year long project with a client that opted for (5)Phone Wagon. (new to me at the time) Seems to work well enough, and the integration couldn’t have been easier.

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