This week we’re wrapping up the migration of a website called owned by Francesca Tosolini an interior designer from the Redmond, Washington area.  The site was previously hosted on a Microsoft Live website for business and we moved it into a WordPress as a CMS setup.
One of the challenges of running a business website with Microsoft Live is that the individual ‘pages’ are not actually pages.  Instead the home page is really one gigantic website that shows and hides the individual sections.  It looks like there is a menu system and many pages but there isn’t.
That’s very bad for search engine performance (ergo helping people find your website through search engines) which means that the tool itself pretty much stops foot traffic from ever coming to your web door.
So we migrated the content, which was deep, and rich from the Live environment and moved it into WordPress, configured as a Content Management System.  WordPress when configured correctly and with the right plugin installation choices is a search engine (foot traffic) powerhouse when it comes to natural search.  Along the way, with our CMS design we were also enable to integrate a new blog into the site so the business owner can have more discussions with clients and potential clients, plus we connected the new site to twitter and Facebook as well.
Using WordPress as a CMS turned this website into a Social Media hub for this small business!
Now in this case, the client sourced a theme design from a designer on the web, provided us with the theme and we set everything else up.
The setup included a few special things such as a magazine styled layout of the blog.
It also included a drop down ajax effect so that visitors could complete a Contact Us form no matter what page of the website they might be on.
And of course the website featured a dynamic drop down menu system that will update as the client adds or removes pages from the site.

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