This week Softduit Media is working with graphic designer Jennifer Slagle in Urbandale, Iowa (near Des Moines, IA) to migrate her website from a static Apple MobileMe platform to a WordPress as a CMS (content management system) setup.
Jennifer runs the graphic design firm, Design 26.  She has an extensive portfolio of graphic design work for customers in Iowa and the midwest.  Her former website successfully incorporated examples of her portfolio, but the site lacked the flexibility of a CMS in both communicating with potential and existing clients as well as simply attaining decent listings and rankings through the primary search engines.

We are in the process of migrating her content from the static site that she designed to a dynamic site that will be easier to manage, but also will be setup on a rock solid foundation (WordPress as a CMS) that will help her get much more attention from potential clients through Google, while simultaneously making it easier to manage her site.

WordPress is quite simply one of the easiest CMS systems on the market for any given business user to manage themselves with out having to hire a full time webmaster or spend too much time themselves learning skill sets that are not key to their own business.

Currently, we are going through several iterations of the site located at  The goal is to again create a great show case for Jennifer’s portfolio, make it easy to communicate with her visitors, and do this by incorporating her own design work into the WordPress theme.  From the perspective of advancing the site in iterations, we are continuously making improvements and adjustments to the look and layout of the site, now that it is running WordPress.
This is an important step.  It allows WordPress and our SEO optimized configuration to work its magic and start improving the Google Search Engine Placement Rankings (SERPs) while we work on the site.  So if we make a change to the site or to a page deep in the site, in relatively short order we can see the effect of our actions and make improvements as we go.
From a visitors perspective, they can see that Design 26, is not just a static site, but a site that is regularly improving and upgrading.  This not only shows search engine bots that improvements are happening and that the index in search needs to be updated, but it shows visitors, clients and potential clients that things are happening with this company, important things, positive things, and this action could translate into improved business for those clients as well!

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