Here’s some great tools to make building a Restaurant website with WordPress and Divi Themes, easy.  There are three things to focus on in this article:

  1. OpenTable Plugin
  2. Creating Food Menu pages that look awesome & include categories like Gluten Free, Range Free Chickens and more
  3. Conversion Tracking (for OpenTable) and other things on a site

The last 2 sections includes lots of demo & tutorial videos too!
Bonus – There’s a great video showing how to use Sumo.Me Image Sharer for social media too

Open Table Widget Pro

Easily add powerful and intuitive restaurant reservation forms to your website powered by Open Table.
Looking into a number of options related to Google Analytics tracking of Open Table reservations. Considering Events, Events as Goals and Events with values plus starting to compile notes on some plugins that might help with this (do not think anything exists specifically for this, but several plugins that cover a number of google analytics tracking capabilities seem to provide some examples with the very popular (and very difficult to capture data imho) OpenTable Widget.  🙂


Upgrade your restaurant, cafe or brewery menu with beautiful icons, supplier notes, discounted prices and more.

Basics of the Food and Drink Menu Plugin

Creating a Menu and New sections Food & Drink Menu Pro Plugin

see Pricing Details
Pricing for the Pro Versions of WP Google Analytic Events Pro
WP Google Events Tracking Pro Plugin

WP Google Events Tracking Pro Plugin

Extra Details - How did I dig these up?
Some items on this topic:
A forum post kicked me off on this journey.
Bryan C mentions the theory with no details in that forum

“Yes, using GA event tracking/goals based on the exit to open table system is the way to go. You could even program it in using AdWords conversion codes as well. If you are using the widget that allows users to select their dinner time, location, number of people, etc., that can be tracked into google analytics as well using the various event tracking parameters.”

How to Use Events as Goals reminded me of something I had seen in a plugin a while back (and hinted that a plugin would be easier).
Track Just About Anything with Google Analytics Click Tracking which talks about WP Google Analytics Events (free) and mentions the (Pro version) with a discount offer. See the section at the bottom of this post for more details
Support reps at OpenTable offered up an AdWords option, but I needed Google Analytics in this case as client is not using AdWords. They also pointed out a community forum of their own. On this topic, I could not find any threads that actually had received replies or guidance within the community at OpenTable.

Ironically, I did find one post by an OpenTable community manager written in 2015. A user responded to that post with a question, which per the logic of the forum, dubbed the question as a ‘Solution’ to the post. Irony.

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