Check out Matt Mullenweg being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, mentioning the growing stats of WordPress’s power.  Last stat I had heard indicated that 16% of all websites were powered by WordPress.  This stat a few months later indicates that 1 out of 6 websites (without offices ) is powered by WordPress as well.

Really, enjoyed this last line of the article as well.  Despite the open vacation policy, Automatic, the company behind WordPress, has more of a problem with people taking too little time rather than the opposite.  Working with the system myself for the last 4 years, I can understand.  🙂

The company removed the cap on vacations, so people could take as much as they wanted. But, and perhaps indicative of the kind of people the company employs, “we found not that people were taking too much, but that they took too little. We had to start monitoring it again.

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