Do you need help developing a content strategy for your website?

Whether you’re looking for a higher level publishing strategy, or just looking for somebody to set up a blog in your website we have lots of experience in this area. We have done work to optimize blogs and websites, we have done lots of work to optimize blog monetization strategies were simply manage a blog it’s already running. There are lots of areas for improvement when it comes to a blog that range from performing search engine optimization on individual articles or the categories of those articles fall under or in improving the discoverability of those articles through better organize his or the hierarchical structures of category taxonomies.
We can even help you reduce jargon! Because no one really wants to read a paragraph like that last one. 😉
We’d love to help make your website readable for real people.

Need WordPress Writing and Optimization?

Just a few specific content examples of what we can provide…

Blog Article Writing


Long form (slang term sometimes known as Linkbait) 800 – 1500 words ** $750 – $1200
Optimized Short form Articles 300 Words
Optimized Medium form Articles (up to 800 words)
Page Layout Optimization using advanced page builders (Divi/Beaver etc) $150 per page
Add Pictures (Already Optimized – you provide them, we place them) $1 per
Additional Pictures (You provide them, we optimize them and place them) $5 per
Embedding Existing YouTube or other Flash Video $5
Additional Consulting Services Send Request for Proposal

* Minimum Initial order $500 not including optional Seed Review
** Linkbait are typically custom jobs this price is intended to provide guidance, please contact us to request a proposal and to delineate your requirements.

Ongoing Ghost Writing Services

Need a writer to regularly contribute great articles?
We can provide contract work for the right situations, websites and topics or help connect you to solutions that might be a better fit.
We have provided ghostwriting services for travel sites, financial websites, educational sites and many b2b sites. We’d love to discuss your content strategy and help if it is a good fit. We do find that some projects are good fits for our team and writing styles and others are not.

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