I’m heading to the WordCamp Boston this weekend.  I will be working a shift in the WordPress Genius Bar helping people learn how to design WordPress themes for the first time.  I’m also looking forward to comparing notes with the presenters at Boston WordCamp covering advanced wordpress theme design.  I’m always looking to benchmark best practices to improve functionality, decrease load time and speed up the design process which makes wordpress as a cms theme design more affordable for my clients.
I am also going to see first hand how the Boston WordCamp was organized.  From an online perspective, this show looks tight.  The wordpress community in WordPress is very strong and I’m looking forward to some high level discussions.  🙂
Its also been about 10 years since I visited Boston.  I haven’t been back since my brother in law graduated from MIT.  I lived just outside of Boston in the early 90’s and I do miss seeing one of my favorite cities in the US.
For those of you catching up with me at WordCamp Boston, I design wordpress themes using a combination of the following 3 software programs listed in order of importance based on total usage in the design process:

* Note I bought Fireworks and Dreamweaver together a few years ago in a bundle called Studio 8, Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS4 is about the equivalent these days.  Its expensive but effective.  If you are a student, but it now while it is still cheap!

Current Recommendations for WordPress Web Hosting

Contact me to get some updated advice about hosting or check out WPThemeSpeed.com!

2010 Recommendations for Generic web Hosting

In general, I only recommend working on 2 hosting services, Inmotion Hosting and HostGator due to their great support and WordPress friendly atmosphere.  They make installation a breeze.  I do NOT recommend Godaddy, 1&1, nor IPower, which have made my life difficult.

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