I’ll make more more materials available later today, but here is my initial slide presentation for WordCamp Birmingham.  This is just the opening remarks for the actual mentored demonstration.  Hoping to add video of the meat and potatoes of this presentation after its done.
The main goal of this presentation is to help everyone give this a try, and if possible design their own theme, while I guide the audience through the process.
layered-artisteer-button If you want to follow along during the presentation, I recommend downloading the free trial software from Artisteer or Cnet

1. Go to Artisteer & follow the instructions to download the free trial via Cnet (Mac users navigate to the News tab, scroll down and download the Mac OSx version of Artisteer)
*If you are using a Mac with Snow Leopard 10.6, there is a early beta (download trial beta) that is workable for most users so far, that early release by Apple has the team at Artisteer working over time like so many other companies I suspect.
2.  Install the free trial software (works on PCs or Macs) & generate your theme.


For more information on the Theme Design Contest . . . see ->
Enter the WordPress ‘License to Design’ Theme Contest 2.0

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