Just wrapped up a product setup of a WooCommerce product with 2 variations (epub and mobi) for ibook and kindle readers. This is to sell a book.

I found and benefited from some quick research to get this done. There had been several updates that made the process a bit different than the last time I did this. So thanks to the folks that covered the following:

Woocommerce team – Their variable product documentation enabled me to know that it was possible to do this with regular WooCommerce, no premium add on needed. The documentation didn’t quite have everything I needed to actually set it up, but knowing it was possible is 80% of the battle!

How to create variable woocommerce products by Zemez- Then there was this more up to date or more visually helpful article that helped me see that I needed to put variables and not a description in the values multi text line field. (only intuitive after I did it, my eyes glossed over the word values and assumed it was a description)

WPEngine and specifically Darren M – He helped get some file type permissions setup and helped me also figure out the next plugin I’ll mention. WPEngine runs on NGINX and the settings may or may not be normal for some. WordPress and WPEngine don’t allow epub and mobi file uploads. For the audience my client is targeting we needed things to be very simple and preferably offer them the option to check out on a phone or table and let them add the book right into their library without unzipping files on a computer or via an app. Just keep it easy for the end customer!

@NatalieDucey – provided an excellent tutorial article for the use of WP Extra File Types plugin. Her usecase was not the same, but the plugin seemed to be what we needed, and it did indeed work!

btw – not leaving the WP Extra File Types plugin running. Just needed it for a one time upload.

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