Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter questions the potential of why one should keep commenting enabled on one’s website or a blog. He is concerned about spam comments and contemplates whether it would be more beneficial to disable comment completely? Warren Whitlock addresses this query by bringing forward the advantages that are attached to having the functionality of comments alive.

    Warren encourages users to keep their website or blog open for other followers and readers to leave comments. Some of the benefits he mentions are –

  • Comments are a flow of informational activity which is of great use for search engine ranking
  • Commenting helps build a community of users who become true followers of your content and care enough to actually spend some time to leave back feedback
  • A genuine real user who leaves a comment, is considered a gem, a potential customer who would be worth getting in touch with if there exists an opportunity of interaction
  • Commenting helps build your network, get in touch with likeminded people, share contact information and further connect for work
  • He goes on to mention that as a user if you don’t care about people who comment on your content, or if you are not moderating the comments, or do not extend the courtesy of answering back by not paying attention to feedback, then you are inviting spam. Warren concludes with the thought that every writer who reads a comment is also excited to get back one too. So in order to be considered a thought leader in your niche, he recommends to take out time to comment and contribute as much as you can.

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