This month I noticed a new service in Social Oomph a professional social media service that I have subscribed to at a cost of about $15 per month for the last year or so.  The service is called clout and it basically looks at your followers and identifies the top 50 people that follow you based on their own following/followers and number of updates.
I was surprised to see that of my top 50, I only talk on a semi-regular basis with Chris Brogan, typically when I run into him at a social media conference, which is ironic as he has a great message these days telling social media folks to get out and shake the bushes meeting people from other walks of life ‘Outside’ of Social Media.  🙂
I have also talked with Depeche Mode a couple times on Facebook, but not on Twitter.  There are also a couple people like Rob McNealy, whom I know and have had some great conversations with in the past, but despite the power of social media, haven’t talked with him lately.  But the larger number of the people with the most clout, that follow me, don’t talk to me.  🙂  I’ve met Jeff Pulver at one of his Social Media Jungle events in Las Vegas and he gave me the impression that he’s the type of guy that brings interesting people together to do interesting things.  I’ve tried to engage Guy Kawasaki a couple times but the conversations did not go well, I’m sure more my fault on that than Guy’s.
So here’s the thing, I have to wonder how ‘influential’ these people really are?  I’m not questioning Zappos, nor Chris, nor Guy or Jeff or even Rob & definitely not Depeche Mode, but the others, I have to wonder if the twitter medium is missing something.
If only 5 out of my top 50 of the most influential people in my list aren’t talking to me, well then why are they following me?
I also have to wonder if I’m missing something myself.  I am not the type of person that chases people to develop a connection just to have a connection.  If I can help someone, I reach out and help them.  I do try to reach out and also engage in interesting conversations with people, but I don’t spout non-sense on twitter just to increase my updates or reach a stat or something.  I know some people do under the theory that it increases their twitter/web/social media footprint even if its only one tweet at a time, but that’s not me, that doesn’t seem useful nor valuable and frankly I don’t have the time to tweet non-sense.  🙂
But if these are the most influential people in my twitter network, maybe I do need to reach out to these fine folks a bit more and find out why they thought I was interesting enough to follow in the first place and see if there is some opportunity that we as members of a social network at a first degree connection level might be able to realize, maybe even make the world a better place or something.

Sample Tweet and Statistics

zappos CEO -Tony
Las Vegas
They should pass a law so that the time spent ironing clothes in a hotel room gives you credit for time spent at the gym.
21 hours, 6 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2007/06/23
Following: 393,792, Followers: 1,665,349, Updates: 120
Starbucks Coffee
Seattle, WA
Freshly brewed tweets from Brad at Starbucks in Seattle, WA.
This is neat – Our Sing along video passed 1,000,000 million views on @YouTube #allyouneedislove
1 hour, 52 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2006/11/29
Following: 84,051, Followers: 723,839, Updates: 4,179
Depeche Mode
Burbank, CA (band webmaster)
From beginnings in Basildon, Essex, to the Universe, Depeche Mode have been creating their brand of music for almost 30 years.
New #depechemode Tour Blog: Berlin –
3 hours, 10 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2009/03/24
Following: 6,499, Followers: 356,170, Updates: 104
Jeff Keni Pulver
New York
Technology Anthropologist; Entrepreneur; Early-Stage Seed Investor; story teller, Living in Social Media. Producer of #140conf
@drorengel I don’t have any SF meetups planned.
4 hours, 52 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2007/02/01
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Your New Followers columns should now be working again folks. See for instructions. Contact @richardbarley if any probs
10 hours, 8 minutes ago from TweetDeck
Joined Twitter on 2008/05/16
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Guy Kawasaki
VirginAmerica 2A
I am a firehose that answers the question: What’s interesting? Co-founder of Alltop.
How to engage in social media and still have a pay wall, WSJ style
1 hour, 37 minutes ago from otweet
Joined Twitter on 2007/08/26
Following: 216,760, Followers: 205,932, Updates: 41,008
Nansen Malin
Seaview WA
Passionate about politics,technology,beach life,salmon and creating change.Former Alinsky student who does conservative politics.Mom of 4.WA GOP ExecBoard
@triphoppa Calling me an idiot is not appreciated. Plenty of folk think differently than you do about #netneutrality.
3 hours, 51 minutes ago from TweetDeck
Joined Twitter on 2008/04/14
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Duane Patterson
Southern California
Producer of Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, blogger on the Hughniverse, pesterer of @ev, according to web reports, winner of track & field gold medal.
@TurtledoveJB i think kennedy is attracting coakley voters. i think the tea party people figured out the landscape in the bay state. #hhrs
3 hours, 9 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2008/12/03
Following: 173,203, Followers: 165,364, Updates: 18,222
Rob McNealy
Aurora, Colorado
Husband, Dad, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Libertarian, Entrepreneur, MBA, Rapper, Blogger, Podcaster, Foodie, Home Schooler
Sheep Gives Birth to Human-Faced Lamb in Turkey: <-Creepy #Strange
5 hours, 10 minutes ago from web
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Space & Astronautics
Space & Astronautics News
NASA, ESA, NOAA, USGS, astronomy, space, weather, oceans, Earth science, earthquakes, aerospace. Editor/Journalist.Also @oceanechoes @helpanimals @weatherplanet
Video: Tracy Reines, Director of Response Operations for the American Red Cross, discusses the latest for the…
6 hours, 34 minutes ago from FriendFeed
Joined Twitter on 2008/10/02
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Martin Zwilling
Fountain Hills, Arizona
Veteran startup mentor, executive, blogger, tech professional, and angel investor. ([email protected])
Ask the Attorney; Securities Laws –
5 hours, 15 minutes ago from
Joined Twitter on 2009/01/01
Following: 155,227, Followers: 155,164, Updates: 2,073
Larry Wentz
West Fargo, ND
Owner of,, 100s of Domains, Internet & Affiliate Marketing, Cat Lover, Lake Bum, Pool Player, Happily Un-Employed
@MikeWhitmore I’m doing better but I am now very swamped/backlogged. Hope to be on Mastermind call tomorrow nite!
1 day, 1 hour ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2009/02/24
Following: 157,781, Followers: 153,987, Updates: 2,437
Darren Williger
Success driven ex-DELL sales maker and new media evangelist by day. Meditating, guitar playing, wine making, crime fighting superhero at night. I like cheese!
What You Will Need to Start Brewing Your Own Beer: There are a few basic pieces of equipment needed to start brewi…
4 days, 17 hours ago from twitterfeed
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Jean-Luc Raymond
Paris, France
Consultant formateur en projets numériques citoyens. Twitter consultant. Social Media & Digital Citizenship consultant, teaching. [email protected]
Internet pourrait être le grand gagnant de la crise du marché de la publicité
51 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2007/05/17
Following: 136,965, Followers: 129,637, Updates: 11,092
Alain van Heerden
Cape Town
Internet Marketing Consultancy – The difference between success and failure is almost always a matter of inches – the distance between your ears.
Why Did Google Build a Phone and a Browser?
8 hours, 42 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2008/11/29
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Casey Wright
San Diego
CEO Wright Brothers Communications
Guy at GNC recommended a protein powder with more “bioavailability.” I recommended an in-store thesaurus.
2 days, 21 hours ago from Twittelator
Joined Twitter on 2008/06/05
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Chris Harrington
Charlotte, NC
Emerging Media Strategist, Advertising Agency Technology Director, Vegan, Audible Advocate, Dad, – #votewoz…
@geekyjess I’ll try to post today. In short, we thought up a great Lego app and a grocery store app.
5 hours, 25 minutes ago from Tweetie
Joined Twitter on 2009/02/18
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Chris Brogan
Boston, MA
President, New Marketing Labs. More? . email: blog at chrisbrogan dot com
Flying to New Orleans. See you in #nola? Ping @tommartin for details. 🙂
24 minutes ago from Seesmic
Joined Twitter on 2006/10/23
Following: 97,729, Followers: 116,409, Updates: 59,003
brooks bayne
two weeks from everywhere
satirist, entrepreneur, technologist, music producer, melter of faces utilizing molten guitar riffs, slayer of myth, debunker of hogwash. american. foodie.
@catraalien they knew each other. twitter is just an asterisk in this case, imo.
13 hours, 24 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2007/04/30
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Webdesigner Depot
Vancouver, Canada
Webdesigner Depot is one of the most popular blogs about web design trends, tutorials and much more. It’s run by Walter Apai, a web designer from Vancouver.
Designing an Idea – How to Beautify your Inspiration:
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Gary Arndt
Appleton, Wisconsin
Travel blogger and photographer. I’m a one man National Geographic. I’ve blogged and tweeted from over 60 countries and territories since March 2007.
Two Years Ago: Daily Travel Photo – Yakushima, Japan
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RT @tweetmeme Inspiration Dose 10 – Conceptual Digital Artwork by Thomas Tibitanzl – slodive
1 hour, 33 minutes ago from TweetMeme
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Live Earth
The Run for Water is a series of 6km run/walks taking place over the course of 24 hours in 192 countries, featuring concerts and water education activities…
RT @global_water: Help the ppl of Haiti by donating to a GWC member on the ground: @CRSnews: @care:
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Twitter’s @ShortyAwards winning Food~Fact~Tweeter Guaranteed to pepper your day with fun food facts! Impress others with your food knowledge!…
On this day in 1957 the Frisbee was invented. Inspired by pie tins of the Frisbee Pie Company
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Gerald Weber
H-Town USA
Houston SEO/SEM Guy – Blogger – Friend – Lover – Skydiver – entrepreneur – Tweeter & President Of Search Engine Marketing Group in Houston TX.…
RT @drcarolynmiller: Join me w/ @TheDIAMONDCoach Find yr Diamond no matter wht! #BlogTalkRadio at 11am CST.
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Mark Ewing
Professional Traveler, Explorer, Adventurer, and Internet Affiliate Marketer, Success Coach, Mentor and Networker
Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.
5 hours, 24 minutes ago from web
Joined Twitter on 2008/02/16
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Reg Saddler
Just a guy who loves Social Media. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don’t talk about Fightclub…
RT @artfanatic411: In urgent times, avoiding online charity scams (cnet) #Haiti
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Dominic Riccitello
Los Angeles, CA
Entertainment Industry
At in n out with my favorite 90 pound model girl
1 hour, 2 minutes ago from UberTwitter
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Dave Malby
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire since 1975! also Musician, Inventor, Author, Photographer, and Sarcastic Realist!
Happy Wednesday @keeperofdreams @jhoggie @FairieMoonChild
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Mike Klingler
Portland, OR, USA
Teaching Marketers To STOP IT!!! Grow Your Business Being ‘YOU’ & Enjoying It… Be Proud Of What You Do.
@jerrycchen Doing a Low Budget Film ($5-10 mil) on Tesla (the scientist)… aiming 4 Product placement w/Tesla Motors – maybe u can help 😉
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Austin, Texas
The Twitter HULK!! Grrr. Look into my Eyes. I AM the Most Interesting Man in the World! I Like Dill Relish & Sour Cream too.
Weird Q… which foreign country are you fascinated with? For me, it’s Russia.
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Just arrived to freezing Orlando to go on a marketers with 400 CEO’s to Belize, Honduras and Mexico
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Costa Rica
Eco Preservation Society: Inspiring Action, Empowering People,Connecting Communities & Transforming the Planet through Conservation, Reforestation & Education…
McDonald’s seeks to cut cows’ methane emissions What are they doing for their customers w/ this problem?
3 hours, 7 minutes ago from web
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Life Coach for: Social Media, Online Marketing, Networking, Web 2.0, Blogger, Mountain Biker- If you can dream it, you can do it.…
Wie gefällt Euch das Video zu Googles neuen Nexus One? #News #twtpoll #viral #Marketing #Online
55 minutes ago from
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Duncan C. Wierman
Greenville, SC
Software CEO turned Real Estate Investor / Marketer. I show you how to use creative online marketing methods to do more deals online. Virtual Investing
New blog post: Why “Done For You” Lead…
17 hours, 46 minutes ago from Twitter Tools
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Husband , Father,Christian, Conservative , Tech Geek #TCOT
Some AT&T iPhone Users Seeing Increased 3G Data Speeds?
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JD Rucker
Orange County, CA
Social Media. It’s what I do. I love to find and share high-quality content.…
Having a Purpose in Life May be Key to Happiness #psychology #research
1 day, 13 hours ago from
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Chuck Neuschafer
Wichita, KS
Dad, Husband, School Technology Integration Specialist
@LAminerals You’re welcome!!
6 days, 19 hours ago from web
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Louis N. Batides
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Having fun buying and selling houses and helping others to do more of the same. Business System development and Social Networking.
SEO Goes Social
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Arleen Boyd
Honolulu, Hawaii USA
Live Aloha! Give Mahalo! Embrace and delight in your passions!
@Christiegarcia All is well – thanks for asking! Still wondering if the arsonist was targeting those people or the neighborhood in general.
2 days, 18 hours ago from web
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Tom Maduri
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LifeHacks: The Definitive Guide to Making the Most of Your Netbook
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Gerald Romine
Phoenix, Arizona
Real Estate Investing, Adrenalin Junkie, RealEstate Investing Software Developer, Author. To KICK ASS in real estate
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go
1 day ago from web
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Rick Abbott
Mammoth Cave, KY
Christian Conservative home-schooling dad, Kentuckian, elder, in love with wife and kids! #TCOT – N8HMR
Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Haiti’s earthquake, the prime minister told CNN today.
4 hours, 24 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
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Maurice Freedman
New York
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ScoutMob brings real-time local savings to your iPhone.
1 hour, 49 minutes ago from zaTweet
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Tim Jensen
Onalaska, WI
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Packers lose 51-45
2 days, 20 hours ago from web
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Jonathan Nafarrete
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@ButtercupD tell her to buy a birkin bag and let’s call it even…
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Mike Wesely
Atlanta, Georgia
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#HelpKids > Please Vote for this Charity Help Kids Get Supplies for School > High 5 votes get 10k for charity
1 day, 17 hours ago from TweetDeck
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News from the Web / Net, Twitter, Facebook and Social Media | Power User, Tester, Social Media Allrounder, µ-Blogger, YOUR Timeliner | ‘A State Of Trance’ fan!… Twitter Hits Ground Running for Haiti Earthquake Relief #PRAYHAITI
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@opphoto it was …lolll..although i had a shortcut!!!..haven’t kept up….~?
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We just adopted a new member into our family from local SPCA! German Shepard mix. Smile Jäger!
2 days, 20 hours ago from Tweetie
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