What other SEO Plugins Should I add to my site?

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Client Tips, SEO

I have Yoast SEO for WordPress and Monster Insights installed on my site. Yoast has other SEO plugins, and there are even more plugins offered by other companies like All In One SEO.  Which of those should I add to my site?
This is the question that my friend and coaching client, Craig,  recently asked me after they were confused about the change in name and company of Monster Insights. They were looking for advice and not looking to hire me to do research or do actual work.  So here’s my free advice.

You’ll need to explore the possibilities yourself. They offer many plugins for many different situations. Some are free and some cost a little money. I’d recommend focusing on your writing and communicating for now. That will do more for you than the plugins. They are just the chrome decals on the shiny car that helps it get attention. You still have to fill up the car with gas (articles) and drive it around in public before people will ever have a chance to notice the chrome.

What would you have told them? 🙂

What advice would you give?

Which of these plugins (or some other) do you prefer for WordPress powered SEO?

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