A simple analogy to help understand the importance of utilizing social media tools like twitter or facebook.  Small or even micro-conversations may seem to go against the grain of the 80/20 rule.


With that in mind we might ask ourselves if social media allows us to get ahead of the curve so that we are not flattened by the 80/20 rule because we helped guide the majority of activity when it was still in the minority.

Working on twitter and facebook or even in the blogosphere can help a company achieve at best, more control, and at worst a seat at the table where the discussion is taking place and the action can be observed first hand.

When your company is the focus of that action and attention, you will be well served to be present!

If your company does not have a twitter account, facebook page or fan page or if you have not yet implemented a marketing strategy through these communications mediums, Softduit Media can work to help you succeed!

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