Since I entered the Podcasting industry over a year ago I have begun to meet many great artists and talented people. I am continually surprised by the number of voice over talent professionals that are finding more and more work in the realm of web advertising and podcasting publications.
Don Capone is probably a good example of these types of professionals breaking new grounds. He has successfully worked for years in television, radio and more. Adding internet advertising and podcast voice over work to this mix is a natural extension.
It has become a given that people gather a great deal of information from the internet. The prevalence of YouTube has increased the average web searchers expectations for web sites. If they see a teenager that is capable of putting together a moderately professional looking sound or video presentation, their expectations for companies to put on a professional production utilizing professional voice over talent naturally increases significantly.
To put it differently, the lack of professional talent used for audio content on websites can be a severed show stopper for a potential reader or customer and can potentially push them immediately away from your company website or blog.

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