VigLink – Outbound Link Monetization – Easy Affiliate Setup

How to easily get setup as an Amazon Affiliate (indirectly)

Need to get setup as an Amazon affiliate, fast and easy and don’t want to worry about whether your state is allowed in the program?
VigLink is one of the answers.  VigLink has been around for over 8 years. It serves as something of an aggregator of affiliate programs.

How can VigLink help me with Amazon (or other retailers)? How does it work in general?

  1. You Sign up for VigLink
  2. VigLink (already) has relationships with many other affiliate programs such as Amazon associates.
    1. They negotiate (typically) the highest paying commission offers that are not always available to brand new affiliates.
    2. They provide an easy javascript code for your website that converts all links (unless specified not to) as an affiliate link.
    3. This includes many retailers, including Amazon and Walmart and many others.
    4. You can then link directly to products on Amazon or other retailers, and Viglinks script turns it into an affiliate coded link.
    5. They collect the commissions from the retailers, and pay out about 75% to you.  (note they negotiate higher commission percentages for many programs, so the net payout to you is often still better than what you would get on your own)
    6. As Viglink is the owner of the relationship with the retailers, their sales tax nexus is the one that matters (currently, laws could always change again), and therefore, they remain eligible, and you get paid by them.

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What is VigLink?
VigLink is an outbound link monetization service.
Without the jargon please?    🙂
VigLink converts regular (outgoing) hyperlinks on your site, say to, into affiliate links paying you commissions.  If someone clicks on your link to Amazon from your site after the VigLink conversion, you earn you a commission for any sales that happen at Amazon.

How Can I get Started with VigLink?

Even More Detail
So this service (viglink) they go out and setup great big super affiliate accounts with the best possible terms as they are sending out links through your site, my site and thousands more like us.
They essentially manage the connections for you so that you don’t have to. (saving you from having to sign up everywhere, saving you from having to apply, wait for the rejection and then make the actual email application, saving you from grabbing the specific code, and more. )
VigLink centralizes the collection of the commissions and then pay them to you. They do keep a portion of the affiliate earnings on your link. But generally the rate they get paid at is higher than the rate you would earn at since people like you and I are small potatoes.
How Long does it take to setup?
About 2 minutes to sign up for an account.
Then it takes another 30-60 seconds to install the code on your website that then covers every outgoing link on your site!
That’s it, all done.
Where do I go to sign up?
We’d be happy to refer you to VigLink here.
Do you monetize outgoing links on this site with VigLink?
Yes we do!
What happens if I have existing affiliate links on pages or blog articles?
VigLink will do nothing to existing affiliate links, allowing your legacy affiliate link to continue generating you income the way it has been already.
Where you have your own existing affiliate links, VigLink does nothing. It leaves your affiliate link to do its own thing.
They also show stats on the links they monetize into affiliate links, the links you already had that get action and stats on links that get activity but are not covered by an affiliate program on their side. (not all sites have affiliate programs)
How Long has VigLink been in business?
Since 2009. I met their team way back when they launched.
Does VigLink have any competitors?
Yes, Skimlinks is a similar service and also very good. I recommend either of them. You will need to make the choice as to which one is the best fit for you. Frankly, they seem so similar to me, I can barely tell the difference.  Although I did win a Nintendo Wii at a conference booth from Skimlinks once via a drawing. We use both services, but not on the same site.
Can I get banners for different sites from VigLink such as 99Designs or something?
No, they do not provide banner images.  You can find these or build your own or use a screenshot or just a text link, (adding the hyperlink to any of these).
Do I need to disclose the use of Affiliate Links on a website?
If you are from the United States, you need to disclose affiliate links. This is considered a type of advertising. Viglink provides an easy tool to do this too once you log in to your account.

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