I just wrote 1942 words that constitute approximately 6 blog articles that I will be scheduling to be published over the next week.
It took me about 25 minutes to write this using Dragon Dictate. Learning to work effectively with Dragon Dictate does require some mental practice. The technology is rock solid. Most people have little experience dictating something that should be read by someone else.
It takes a special mental skill set to learn how to compose with your mind and speak it with your mouth such that it can be read by someone’s eyes.
I have been cultivating this skill for years, and my composition skills via voice are still about a decade behind my composition skills when I type with my fingers.
I am not getting any younger, and my fingers and hands and wrists do appreciate it when I take it easy on them and give them a break from all of the typing.

No time for carpal tunnel issues!

Current diseases at the microphone I find as well that when I write with Dragon Dictate, it exercises my mind in a way that helps wake up my brain like a cup of coffee would.
I do not use Dragon Dictate for everything. It definitely helps to add things into the mix and keep my day balanced.
It helps me reduce eye strain and physical strain on my wrists and arms especially. It also allows me to work in places that I normally wouldn’t work in…
Treadmill, stationary bicycle, driving in the car, leaning back on a bed looking at the ceiling, stretched out on the floor and many other places.
The cool thing is the Dragon Dictate does let me get things done and move about my day to do lots of other stuff too!

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