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You can use almost any voice recorder that is capable of recording a wave file to transcribe your words into text using Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred or a higher version.  Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Mobile actually comes with a voice recorder with the software and will yield some of the best results in regards to accuracy.
I am using my Treo which has a voice recorder program (MVoice – cost $15 – download – $25 for newer Treos).  I record short notes, comments and emails into my Treo and then have the Transcribe tool in Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Preferred convert my voice to text.
Accuracy of DNS9 Preferred is typically about 98-99% (advertised 99%).  Using a tested mobile recorder, Dragon says you will see about 95-96% accuracy.  I’d guess that I see somewhere between 93-95% accuracy using a cheap recorder and my treo.
I don’t have a noise cancellation microphone on my treo and that is one of the largest reasons for the reduction in quality I suspect.
Here’s the video I put together to show you the process.

Here’s the final note that I transcribed and then edited.

That I am going to play through Dragon Naturally Speaking software which will transcribe my words into text.  I’m going to use punctuation like I just did on occasion so the program will know to insert that punctuation.
I’m speaking into my Palm Treo 600 it will record the information on any SD memory card which I will then put into my computer and pull that wave file that’s generated from program onto my computer where it will be transcribed.  Then I will show you the transcription process.

Technical Specifications
I’m running a laptop with 1 gb of memory.  (I will probably upgrade my memory to 2-3GB soon maybe through Dell Memory, mostly due to the videos that I create and to the leaky memory issues with Firefox.  I’m hopeful that this might also improve my performance with DNS9.  My Treo is a 1960’s finned cadillac of treos with the model number of 600.  The damned thing won’t stop working and T-mobile doesn’t carry any upgrade Treos yet.  My computer is running Windows XP with a Centrino Duo processor.

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