I was reading this article from TechSmith and thinking of some of my own business challenges. At the bottom of the article they mentioned video testimonials and I thought of my client Dave Courvoisier and his new(soon to drop) book. We were talking about gathering new testimonials for the book via email and then I saw this Techsmith article, worlds collided and I thought. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS!

DISCLAIMER- I did just rewatch the Hudsucker Proxy the other day, my enthusiasm level might be a bit high!


Source of my inspiration Full Article – https://www.techsmith.com/blog/increase-conversion-rates-video/
I have used TechSmith products like Camtasia for over a decade and Snagit as well. I first met TechSmith’s team at Podcast Expo in Ontario in 2006 or 2007 or both, and many times since.

So my client Dave, is awesome. We met at Voices 2008 (a voice over conference in Los Angeles). At the time he was both a voice over artist and an anchorman in Las Vegas.

He is also one of the founders of the World Voices Organization (WoVO) and I have witnessed him host video chats in the past with other members of WoVO.

So I thought, Dave could invite people that are reviewing his new book to a video chat(Zoom/YouTube Hangouts, Zoho Meeting, whatever tech suited).  He might consider interviewing them a bit with questions to help keep things moving in the video. And this conversation might elicit some terrific testimonial quotes.

What can we do with video testimonials?

  1. First, we repurpose the full length video after publishing it, and sharing it to his blog and social media.
  2. Then we cut/edit it up into 1 or more individual testimonials with just their responses as the video.  One would be awesome, if there are more than that, even better!
  3. We put this on the book landing page itself.
  4. We run the video testimonial(s) through social media as well.
  5. Plus we can add a link to the landing page in the youtube video description helping to channel youtube viewers over to the book landing page.(not so much an SEO benefit, but can help youtubers searching or finding things there to find Dave’s new book page if they are interested)
  6. We have 50-150 older articles on his current blog that relate directly to the book material. We can add videos to batches of these using a Divi Theme Builder template. We can even split test which ones are effective in different places.

Content Repurposing Opportunity – Good Example Tangent

This entire brainstorm activity resulted in me first sending an email to Dave with the suggestion. We may or may not do anything with that. If its right for him, great. And its also a good idea that might find a home with other client projects or maybe someone else that’s not yet a client and needs some help with something like working testimonials into an advanced Divi Theme Builder setting or just working through business development coaching scenarios.

And I took this idea, made a quick youtube video of my own, no filter, it was early morning. I had just fed the cat and gave her cat nip ahead of time. I haven’t shaved or cleaned up, bagel is half eaten, only some caffeine in my system. I’m busy and if I don’t do these things in the moment, it might never happen!

Recorded it and shared it (via Camtasia of course) up to my youtube channel . Iniitally shared as unlisted for several reasons, will later make it public. Then crafted this blog article and voila!
I have lots of content myself and great ideas for others to consider and maybe you, maybe you need some help with your next project. If so, let’s connect. You can follow me, subscribe, follow on twitter or youtube or hit me up through chat or an email, whatever serves you. (I don’t answer the phone from callers I do not know these days, but if you text me first and introduce yourself we can schedule a time!)

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