In addition to speed increases on their servers this year, they just added free, 1-click SSL options to new and existing customers on all domains on their plans.  This is a super big SEO benefit as an SSL certificate is one of the 200 things that Google looks for in its ranking.  But it also simply opens the option for small businesses to take payments or set up eCommerce shopping carts or donation systems for Nonprofits right on their website without having to send people away to checkout. This is a small but important game changer!

Who Benefits from free SSL certificates AND a Free Setup?

  • Everyone with a WordPress website – Google started giving sites WITH an SSL certificate an SEO boost back in late 2014. It is one of their 200 factors (in addition to speed that play a result in how well your site does)
  • Anyone that wants to take payments through their website – With an SSL certificate you can run great tools like donation plugins, Gravity forms or WooCommerce and other eCommerce tools and let your customers SAFELY checkout on your website without sending them away to Paypal or some other provider
  • Anyone that wants to encrypt messages sent through their site – Nonprofits, doctors offices and more can benefit even more by protecting the text sent to their website via forms and other tools
  • Me! – This helps me! I host this site through Pressable. I set up my own SSL certificate saving from $60-$500 per year. Plus, I didn’t have to do any setup work nor spend any time on the phone with sales or helpdesk support buying and setting something up.


You! You can benefit too.

I have hosted with Pressable managed WordPress Hosting since 2010 after meeting them at BlogWorld and WordCamp Atlanta.
Brett Bumeter

Owner, Softduit Media

What does Pressable managed wp hosting prices look like?
Pressable Managed WordPress Hosting
What about SEO? Google Analytics? Search Console and more???
Changing your domain name can be a big move.
It can also significantly help your Search Engine Ranking Placement, aka SEO results.
After you change from http -> https that is a change in your domain name.
You will need to take a number of steps to get your ducks in a row.
KeyCDN provides an excellent guide here. If you add a free SSL certificate through a managed host, it will eliminate several of the steps in their list.
I’d recommend focusing on getting your sitemaps updated, setting up 301 redirects either in htaccess or even in a plugin. Then update your Google Analytics profile first and afterwards set up a new profile in Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and connect it/claim/verify it using your Google Analytics account.
You will need to reality check the other items in their list based on the specific needs of your website.
Other Managed WP Hosts that offer easy setup of Let's Encrypt SSL
Going to be honest and say up front that Pressable is currently our preferred Managed WP Host. We host with them ourselves!
There are others out there that do offer a relatively easy way to setup SSL on a site if you host with them already. The list is short:
DreamHost’s Managed WP Hosting Service
SiteGround Manage WP Hosting – Siteground has a lot of services. We’ve worked with their system on behalf of several clients. Their user interface has not always been the easiest to work or ‘manage’. Hopefully, this is something they have improved recently or are preparing to improve!

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