Gutenberg is coming to WordPress imminently and Matt Walks through where we are with this imminent update. Gutenberg will enable an evolutionary shift with WordPress as a content management system and publishing system.

Among other things it will make it easier for anyone to publish and easily layout content on their WordPress powered websites. This talk includes updates being made in the WordPress apps for Android and iOS too. These apps are making it easier and easier for people to publish, layout and manage their existing sites from mobile devices. (And it is how I am publishing this quick article on the fly)

In terms of ease of use, Gutenberg will make it possible for WordPress apps (invisibly connecting people to their website) to do amazing things beyond just writing Text and uploading a picture or two and this will arrive this year (2018).

This video includes a great QandA with important sidenotes about the performance improvements available to users that upgrade to PHP7, bringing faster website speeds and decreasing hosting costs too!

A 30 min keynote session with Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress: it includes a 30 minute keynote, followed by and 20 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
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