Divi Dynamic Content + ACF Form Fields is a powerful combination. Included in this article are some Divi Dynamic Content Video Tutorials.

This is also powerful with the new Divi Theme Builder and ACF or Divi Theme Builder and WooCommerce.


The new Divi Theme Builder updates available with Divi 4+ has greatly increased the potential to do amazing things with Dynamic Content and ACF (and other systems that create custom fields).


In October of 2018 Elegant Themes rolled out Divi Theme Dynamic Content capabilities.

This is a functionality that is possible to setup in the (late 2019) Divi Theme Builder. You must have the new Divi editor options running, it doesn’t work in classic.

Here’s two great resources with a video intro and a much more in depth walk through video (also embedded at the end of this post) of what is possible with Divi Theme’s dynamic content output system.

Having built sites with ACF and having coded the output page templates to display the data that ACF makes easy to gather, it was very rewarding to see how Easy this can be.

Working with Advanced Custom Fields and executing things well does require an advanced perspective of what is possible with data bases and the web.

Divi only makes the creation of the output templates more accessible to people that do not know how to code. This is a huge thing! But if you are new to this concept, prepare yourself to figure things out.

In my experience, it helps to have a project to work with here. Preferably, an existing ACF powered site that is migrating to Divi theme from some other theme for example.  Or maybe if its not a migration, maybe you just make a copy of a perfectly good site running ACF and then work to learn what Divi can do in a test to get some good experience with Dynamic Content.

Dynamic Content for Divi Video

How to Use Divi’s Dynamic Content Feature to Design a Dynamic Post Layout Divi Video

Divi + WooCommerce + WP All Import

Have a large Woo project? Now that you’ve seen a little of what can be done with ACF and Divi, imagine what can be done with the new Divi Theme Builder, the Divi WooCommerce Product page builder, Dynamic Content and the power of WP All Import too!

We cover some of this and have done work with all of it.

Click to learn more or reach out if you need help on a project.

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