A close friend of mine turned one of their Facebook posts into a for sale item. It might or might not have been on purpose…

Or at least the end result was sort of intended but not really in the way that Fb set things.

Facebook auto set it such that people would ‘send her an offer’.

Well, that can be great if the thing you are selling is easily understood.

Maybe not so much if not direct. And that raised the question of just ‘how do you get rid of the Facebook for sale format or the make me an offer or Message me, contact me stuff?’

I initially found this older article from mid 2020. It’s over a year old and maybe from a region different than my own. I did not see the same exact options.

Plus, I looked these options up from my phone app. You might see something different on a computer, in a browser or a different device even.

Here’s a quick image guide of what to click to first turn it on and then turn it off(make it go away!)

First I wrote the post and before submitting hit the three dots at the bottom.

Then I selected this option to turn it on

If you want to turn it off just hit the x button before publishing.

Or if you already published then you can edit it or remove the Facebook for sale item later. first edit and click these dots

Then click the option here to ‘Turn off the Sale format’ on your Facebook post.

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