Video Summary

This video from Brett Bumeter addresses Warren Whitlock’s concern about having his server going over limits in terms of usage and discusses a solution to solve that. Brett mentions he had the same experience with Hostgator and goes on to describe how he overcame this issue.
Brett indicates that turning off mail services on the server will really bring that usage down significantly and save users a lot of trouble of having to end up getting their CPU resources occupied in great amounts. He describes what happens in the online world –

  • Users get hit by spammers who either spoof off their email addresses or create mock up email addresses from the user’s domain.
  • The spammers then go on to mass email people with spam content.
  • The spam checker gets hit with this spam emails and debates whether this is a real account or not.
  • And every time this happens, it pings back to the user’s server thus creating a spike in traffic and occupying resources on the server.

So in order to avoid these issues, Brett suggests shutting down email services on your host service provider. Instead, one should use Google to run mail on your account and that shall save a lot of agony and pain of having to free up resources on the server, whether or not you have an active email account.

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