Video Summary

In this video, Brett Bumeter seeks Warren Whitlock’s expert comments and discusses the best approach to market your book through Facebook to get effective results.

    Some pointers from Warren’s advice on how to approach promoting your book –

  • Social media is not a medium to broadcast and sell something
  • What comes to a user’s mind is that matters when he or she is looking for information
  • You need to get known and be attracting those people who actually want to read your book
  • As an author you should be available to the readers and create a two-way medium
  • You should have a presence where people are already talking about your subject
  • Collaboration is an effective way of getting the word out
  • Finding the group of people which are interested in your niche is a personal touch and very important to promote your book
  • Adding a persona is highly recommended wherein in spite of the non-existence of a real person, users get to engage with the author behind the works
  • People like to talk to a person rather than a page

Warren goes on to give different analogies explaining what’s best while marketing your book. He explains an example of Betty Crocker drawing comparisons about how one should take a similar approach. It was not a great experience creating fan pages on Facebook for Warren, but he recommends that approach as a personal choice. Most importantly, he suggests being available for the readers to engage with and being represented in all social mediums like Twitter and LinkedIn to add the professional touch.

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