This is quick list of seo plugins for wordpress.  It is an addendum to go with my fast speech at WordCampRDU 2009.
In addition to the plugins below, I used Artisteer 3.x and highly recommend that program (does have a free trial download offer)

SEO Plugin List

  • Sitemaps for visitors PS AutoSitemap –  ps-auto-sitemap
  • XML Sitemap – sitemaps for bots – if setting up WP for a CMS set a higher priority for pages as opposed to posts (especially if you will only rarely updated posts – Essential SEO Plugin – wordpress-sitemap-plugin-set-it-right-for-maximum-seo-benefits
  • Redirection – redirection
  • Akismet – Its obvious but essential for small business
  • Search Everything – enables searches of pages, not just posts
  • All in one seo – Or HeadSpace or a couple others that include all in one
  • Exec PHP – exec-php lets you install php code in content sections of your site – Essential SEO Plugin –
  • PageMash – Pagemash
  • Add the Multi-Level Navigation Plugin (son of suckerfish) –  multi-level-navigation-plugin
  • Multiple Widgets – From time to time, you need to run different sidebars on different pages, so you will need to configure many multiple sidebars, which might require using the same widget on more than one sidebar, you’ll need the Multiple Widgets Plugin

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