On any given day, we cycled through a lot of plugins.  We have some go to plugins for most situations, but some specific situations require some special circumstances.  When that happens we go play around with plugins in the WordPress repository or buy one somewhere else.
Here are a few Team Member, Company Employee list, Staff List plugins that we played with today.  Honestly, we never found one that was the ideal, but we did find a couple ways to make one of these work on a current project.
We ultimately went with the Simple Staff List plugin.  We needed simple and clean as possible, and something that was just as simple on the Admin side.  What we didn’t need was something that emphasized profile pictures.  Normally that would probably be top of the list, but in our current project it was just the opposite.
We viewed some other cool ones to note for future projects including:
Team Members
Our Team Showcase
TLP Team
We almost went with the Connections plugin.  Its more of a full blown Business Directory plugin  that can be used at a very basic level to only list employees.  But the inability to customize the admin side of the plugin easily caused us to rule it out.  Very clodgy admin look and feel, form happy…  Still this is a very powerful plugin in many other circumstances especially for church sites.  It just wasn’t the best fit today
Love to hear of any others that you have done something cool with as well.

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