Some cool, useful, interesting items that we are filing away for later…

Things We researched for clients

Things we are studying for our own business

Cool things My son thinks I should buy

InstantPot Recipes – Its not all software coding and tech here. I love my InstantPot! Makes great food and easy and quick too! (helps me be more efficient to get more done as well)

~ Side note, I usually cook things like shrimp and curry chicken and things in my InstantPot. There’s probably a reason why these deserts were still in my open tabs… I haven’t made any of these yet, but do plan on it one day!

~~InstantPots sold like crazy on Amazon this month with their christmas in july thing. hundreds of thousands of these things sold in one day!

Great Place to get inexpensive Auto Parts

  • – The AC on my Suburu went out this summer, and a neighbor at the pool tipped me off about this great place that offers auto parts at prices far lower than the local Autozones and things.
  • Recharging Car Air Conditioning – I am no auto AC expert, but it is amazing what you can learn online.  THIS was super helpful as well to educate me enough about the system to make an informed decision about what I might be able to do myself VS what I might need to hire a pro to do.  A little knowledge can be dangerous. Complete knowledge can be helpful!
  • Replacing the Cabin Filter video

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