Are you looking for a WordPress service and support provider?

Is this an emergency situation? Has your website is packed or has it stopped functioning correctly? Are you having problems with your hosting provider or maybe even another web developer? We may be able to help with that as well. We have fixed a lot of bad haircuts over the years.
If you are looking for help in migrating to a better hosting company or may be migrating to the right hosting company for your website and your business experience picking and choosing the right hosting solution for the job and for your budget.
We are big proponents of cloud flare and have worked with them for almost 6 years to help our clients avoid denial of service attacks and problems with botnets attempting to hack into their websites. We would love to help you get set up on cloud flair to speed up your website and protected and the resources of your hosting company to keep your costs down in your website up.
Do you simply need someone to ensure that your themes and plug-ins are kept up-to-date and the website is kept running when these themes and plug-ins are updated? We have lots of experience in maintaining WordPress theme updates and Word press plug-in updates both from plug-ins that are sourced from the WordPress directory as well as premium plug-ins and themes from other providers that require more manual updates.
We would love to discuss with you some options that make these updates easier to manage for both your team or hours if you hire us. Before any updates  Are performed, it is essential to have the right backup and recovery program for your website. It is very easy to push a button and update a plug-in with the automatic plug-in update function within WordPress. It is also very easy for one of those updates to bring down your entire website and hold your business until someone fixes it. If you utilize a better backup and recovery process, you can avoid downtime. If you utilize the right staging and test rollout procedures and hosting solutions, you can eliminate the downtime almost entirely.
Most of the solutions that provide for better backup and recovery and better staging and testing capabilities in the website also provide better security. It’s called managed WordPress hosting and the best of the companies that provided offer amazing additional solutions to make your life easier, reduce your costs and make our life is to that you only have to pay for the higher-level worky stuff!

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